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    How Purposeful is your organization?

    Thanks for taking the first step on the path to Purposeful Leadership.

    This short assessment is designed to show you where you are on the path to Purposeful Leadership.

    Be honest and choose the answer that BEST represents your CURRENT reality. To view your results and specific information on finding your Purpose, please provide a legitimate email address.

    Click here to learn more about what Purposeful Leadership is and why it matters.

    Is your organization committed to anything beyond Profit and shareholder value?

    If no, you may want to consider what it might be like to have an organization committed to something more; and there is no need to continue this Assessment.

    If Yes, your organization probably has a Mission, Purpose, or Vision that speaks to the difference your organization is making in the world.

    In the questions that follow, we will refer to this difference as the organization's Purpose.


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