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  • Assessing and tracking your organization’s progress in PL
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  • Following customized PL learning paths
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FFPO Introductory Programs

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Our Introductory Program is designed to take you through each of the four areas of Purposeful Leadership so that you can begin leading powerfully from Purpose in your organization. You can complete the program at your own pace, which will generally take from three to nine months depending upon the complexity of your organization and the intensity of your training. The program is presented in four phases, each phase covering one of the four areas of Purposeful Leadership.

To learn more about each phase, see below...

  • Introductory Program

    Phase 4: Actions Aligned

    Phase Four focuses on putting your Playbook into action. During this phase you will go through a directed SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) exercise, establish the long-term goals you will need to achieve your Purpose, and the initiatives you will take on during the next twelve months in support of those goals.

  • Introductory Program

    Phase 3: Stakeholders Engaged

    In Phase Three you will identify those key stakeholders (your stakeholder community) who will be critical for your success and learn how to communicate and work with them so they are highly engaged in fulfilling your Purpose.

  • Introductory Program

    Phase 2: Strategy Aligned

    In Phase Two, you will gain clarity about the business model you will use to fulfill your Purpose and the competencies you will need to powerfully execute that business model.

  • Introductory Program

    Phase 1: Purpose Embraced

    In Phase One you will be introduced to Purposeful Leadership, what it is and how it works. You will then discover and declare your organization’s Purpose,  craft a tag line, develop measures of Purpose fulfillment, and envision a world in which your Purpose has been fulfilled.

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