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The Risk Of Doing Business Without Purpose

Purposeless organizations struggle with retention and employee engagement. But employees in Purposeful organizations…

Are 42% more likely to regularly experience contentment (Leider, 2009)

Have a 20% longer tenure where they work (NYU/Imperative, 2015)

Are 50% more likely to be leaders and be promoted (NYU/Imperative, 2015)

Are 64% more fulfilled at work (NYU/Imperative, 2015)

Are 4x more likely to be engaged (Gallup-Healthways, 2014)

Marketing 3.0:
The Rise of Purpose-Driven Social Brands

This infographic by WeFirst
shows the statistics of successful
Purpose-driven companies.
Are you missing this wave of opportunity?

Members Success Stories

See What's Possible For You As a Purposeful Leader.

Being guided by FFPO helped us create clear next steps for accomplishing our Purpose and measuring our impact so that we can create a product that investors and users will love.

Aria Everts


Nola Chat

The work I did with FFPO was profound. I already thought of myself as a purpose driven leader but didn’t realize how much more powerful this could become until my work with them. Through their process, I got clarity on my stakeholders and how to effectively engage them in a metric driven and purpose aligned way. The end result was a playbook for my business. This playbook is extremely valuable and I use it now with all new stakeholders in my business. FFPO has a great process that creates tremendous value for purpose driven leaders and those who embrace stakeholder capitalism. It’s worth the investment.
It gave me alignment in what I am up to in the world and in my company, clarity of purpose, a guiding light and an Ah hah moment.
I can see the power of asking the right questions and gaining more clarity and focus.
Working with the Foundation for Purposeful Organizations has helped us fine tune our purpose as a company, take inventory of our key stakeholders and to create metrics for measuring our performance inside of each of our initiatives. It helped us organized our ideas and simplify our overall strategy.

Carlos E. Alfaro


President, INSURENEX

The training and mentoring I received from FFPO has been practical and inspirational. The Strategies of Engagement, Business Playbook Paradigm, and Purpose focused approach has been a game changer. FFPO connects the heart and head in business development. I’ve grown and created practical business practices founded on purpose through the detailed and flexible business Playbook. Thanks FFPO! 

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