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We are excited to have you join our community of leaders who want to unleash their organization’s potential with Purpose. Our goal is that every organization operates from Purpose and uses their community and resources to achieve that. That is why our membership dues are only $295/year if paid in full or $25 per month.

How to make a Member Tour Video:


Log into zoom and share your screen.


Record the zoom meeting.


Welcome the audience, show them the regular site. Log in to your account.


Show the assessment results section. "The assessment is your tool to track your progress in mastering Purposeful Leadership. I've completed 4 modules, so my assessment shows me what to work on next."


Show the Learning Paths. "Here, I have 4 learning paths. These paths give me step-by-step actions in each stage of creating and implementing my organizations' purpose."


Show the PlayBook."As I orient my organization around purpose, I fill out this business playbook. As you can see, every part of my business is here. This Playbook is the tool to have clarity and direction in growing my business with purpose and engaging my team."


Show the link to Group Calls and the link to consultants, but do not click them. Just briefly show these links in the menu as benefits for members.

... Keep the video as simple as that. Be careful not to overwhelm visitors! Ideally, it is no longer than 3-4 minutes.

If you want to show people the entire backend, create a longer orientation video that members receive once they've paid and logged in.

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and see the benefits members enjoy.

Our Introductory Program

First-time members are encouraged to participate in our FFPO Introductory Program. Without some initial training in a more structured setting, new members will not experience the true power of Purposeful Leadership (PL) and resources available on our Platform. We strongly believe that using our PL Consultants to guide you through the learning process will give you the greatest benefit from your membership and have you continue being part of our Community for many years to come.
Please see Details for more information about this incredible program.

Are you a Referred or Not Referred member?

If you find out about the Foundation for Purposeful Organizations (FFPO) from one of our PL Consultants and join, we consider you a Referred Member. If you join as a Not Referred Member, we will introduce you to one of our PL Consultants so you too can have that same experience.

With That In Mind, It's Time To Sign Up!

Referred Member

If you were introduced or referred to FFPO by one of our PL Consultants, your PL Consultant will guide you through the FFPO Introductory Program and bill you directly for those services.

Once you have submitted your application and paid your annual or monthly dues, you will be notified by email to arrange a call with your PL Consultant to guide you through the registration process and provide a tour of the member site.

Each referred member is identified in our database by their email address, so please use the same email address you will receive in the email invite or have your PL Consultant send us the new email address you desire to use.

Not Referred Member

If you were not referred to FFPO by one of our PL Consultants, we are so excited that you have decided to join our organization.

Once you have submitted your application and paid your annual or monthly dues, you will be notified by email to set up a call with your assigned PL Consultant who will guide you through the registration process on the member platform, provide a free tour of the site and explain our Introductory Program to you.

If you are interested in participating in this Program, your PL Consultant will also assist you in selecting the right Program Option for you.

Will you lead an organization that changes people's lives for the better?

Don’t waste a moment of your career building income without fulfillment.

With purpose, your business can start a positive movement.

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