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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Member of the Foundation for Purposeful Organization (FFPO).  We are excited about your joining our community of leaders who want to unleash their organization’s potential with Purpose.  Our goal is that every organization operates from Purpose and use their community and resources to achieve that. That is why our membership dues are only $25 per month. 

Although our platform is designed to promote independent study in mastering Purposeful Leadership (PL), we have found that first time members benefit greatly from some initial training in a more structured setting.  For that reason we created the FFPO Introductory Program to familiarize new members with our unique methodology and service offerings so they can experience first-hand the power of Purposeful Leadership before venturing out on their own.  

We also believe that using our Purposeful Leadership Consultants to guide you through the learning process will give you the greatest benefit from your membership and have you continue being part of our Community for many years to come.

Membership Fees

Members in good standing must pay yearly dues of $300 payable in 12 installments of $25 per month or one upfront payment of $295 . In both cases, payments can be made via credit card or PayPal.  

As a new member you are also required to participate as a minimum in Phase 1 of our FFPO Introductory Program. The cost of Phase 1 is $500 , which includes two 55-minute coaching calls with one of our PL Consulting Partners.  Details and cost of the entire program are described below. As a new member, you will also receive a free 55-minute Zoom call from your PL Consultant who will explain how to use the FFPO member platform and to assist you in selecting one of our Introductory Program options. 

After you have registered as an FFPO member, you will be notified by email how to calendar your free 55-minute tour of the platform with your assigned PL Consultant who will also assist you in selecting the right Introductory Program option for you.   Once you complete your Introductory Program registration, you will be given access to the member platform.

FFPO Introductory

Our Introductory Program is designed to take you through each of the four areas of Purposeful Leadership so that you can begin leading powerfully from Purpose in your organization.

You can complete the program at your own pace, which will generally take from three to nine months depending upon the complexity of your organization and the intensity of your training.

The program is presented in four phases, each phase covering one of the four areas of Purposeful Leadership. As stated earlier, new members must complete Phase 1 of this program.

To find out more about the Introductory Program, click on READ MORE ABOUT THE PROGRAM or contact your PL Consultant.


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