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  • Introductory Program

    Phase 1: Purpose Embraced

    In Phase One you will be introduced to Purposeful Leadership, what it is and how it works. You will then discover and declare your organization’s Purpose,  craft a tag line, develop measures of Purpose fulfillment, and envision a world in which your Purpose has been fulfilled.

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  • Introductory Program

    Phase 2: Stakeholders Engaged

    In Phase 2 you will go through an extensive process of designing your Stakeholder World (Those people and organizations that impact or are impacted by your organization.) and your Stakeholder Community (Those key stakeholders in your world who will be critical for your success and survival.)

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  • Introductory Program

    Phase 3: Strategy Aligned

    In Phase 3, you will go into greater depth in understanding your business model and how it will fulfill on your Purpose and develop strategies to enhance its performance.  You will also develop strategies to better engage your stakeholder community in support of your Purpose. 

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  • Introductory Program

    Phase 4: Actions Aligned

    The final phase focuses on putting your Playbook into action.  During this phase you will go through a directed SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) exercise, establish the long-term goals you will need to achieve your Purpose, and the initiatives you will take on during the next twelve months in support of those goals.

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